Basic Coastal Cruising

"It is not that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better."

― Sir Francis Drake, English Explorer

Already ASA101 Certified?

This is a transition course designed to build upon the skills learned in ASA 101 with the objective of becoming a competent, safe cruising sailor. You will learn to communicate effectively with your crew so that you will soon be able to become the “skipper” of a sloop-rigged auxiliary powered keelboat between 27 feet and 43 feet in length by day in moderate wind and sea conditions. 

Basic Coastal Cruising - ASA103

The next step in an American Sailing Association certification, this course provides an introduction to understanding and maintaining a sailboat’s electrical and plumbing systems, the auxiliary engine, sail trim, heaving-to, reefing, anchoring, weather, safety, and seamanship.

Private and Small-Group Classes

This course begins with classroom instruction then quickly moves to the boat. We believe the best way to learn is by doing. You’ll get the knowledge and practice you need to feel confident at the helm. 
The pre-requisite for this class is ASA101 and the ability to demonstrate competencies in all knowledge and skills elements of that Standard.
$595.00 per person (2-4 people) Shared Class plus tax
$850.00 One person Private Class plus tax
Includes logbook, registration fees, and certification fees, plus a 1-year membership to ASA. Order your textbook for ASA 103 Coastal Cruising Made Easy on Amazon.

Flexible Class Schedule

Only on the island for a limited time?

Our flexible class schedule makes getting ASA Certified in Hawaii the highlight of your stay!