Captain Robert Rupnow

A waterman from the beginning, I grew up as an avid water skier and fisherman in Wisconsin. After graduating from college, I left Wisconsin (too cold!) and started sailing and scuba diving in the Florida Keys and Bahamas. This is where the thirst for sailing and cruising really took hold.

During the next two years, I sailed a 36-foot Columbia sailboat from San Francisco to Miami. During this journey, my need to go sailing became even stronger. My life was forever changed when I became friends with the owners of a 106-foot Schooner. They invited me to sail with them to the South Seas. I said yes, leaving everything behind.

The first stop was Hawaii. We made landfall in Hilo in 1977. It was love at first sight. Instead of sailing on to the South Seas, I jumped ship. Hawaii has been by home ever since.

In the early ‘80s, I ran a sailing club that went on an interisland trip every month. I also became a Certified American Sailing Association sail instructor. Currently, I live in a private harbor, Makani Kai Marina, in Kaneohe. I am in paradise and go sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing every day. Life is good!